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About Tradettes Group

Tradettes Group was formed with the support of the original “Tradettes Plumbing” crew and community. With their ongoing support, Tradettes Group aims to make the Australian Trades Environment a safe and productive one for our aspiring women coming into their respective trade.


The Vision of Tradettes Group is to provide a support platform for all women who are or who aspire to become a qualified tradesperson in any trade-qualified field in Australia.

The support platform is 3-fold:

  • The Tradettes Group Online Platform provides a wealth of support to help every tradette be successful every step of the way, from secondary school girls who want to look at entering a trade to existing female apprentices working within an organisation to fully qualified female tradies running their own show. The platform includes one-on-one and group coaching services.
  • Tradettes Group Online University provides the foundation of day-to-day processes to keep the Tradettes ahead of the game at all times. From solid culture and ethics through to customer management skills and positive mindset skills that will help every tradette in their careers, with their families and in their everyday lives.
  • The Tradettes Group Online Platform has a lead generation engine that brings qualified leads for every trade related marketplace and is promoted based on the Tradette Group slogan – “Quality Culture, Superior Service”. Qualified leads will be presented to each Tradette based on trade, location, specific scope of works required and profile. 

The Mission of Tradettes Group is to help and inspire many more women into the various trades on offer in Australia through our support platform and through collaboration with all of the fantastic people and groups that are behind these initiatives. To provide a safe and happy workplace for all women, whether working in an organisation or self-employed by collaborating with key industry bodies for maximum impact.

“I’m happy to say that the Team at Tradettes Group have been fantastic at helping us to breathe life into the Tradettes Online Platform. We are very excited to be helping so many women with their trade career journey as well as making so many Customers happy with the services our Certified Tradettes provide. Watch this space as the Online Platform swiftly becomes a reality”

Jan Roesch

Managing Director, Tradette Group Pty Ltd

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Tradettes Group; Quality Culture, Superior Service

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